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We've helped mortgage consumers to find affordable mortgage rates since 1997 by simply offering a multiple mortgage quotes system for free. also offers other mortgage loan resources such as mortgage calculators and mortgage lenders and brokers from the following states and cities.
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Low cost mortgage rates are still available for Delaware. All Loan Types Available: Purchase Home Loans, Refinance, Home Equity, Home Improvement, Debt Consolidation (real estate required), 125%, Cash-out, FHA and VA, Construction and Commercial loans
Here are three easy moves that can save you many thousands of dollars on your mortgage:
  • Refinance but pay the old amount. With your new lower rate you'll be making a lower payment, but by sticking with your previous payment the loan will disappear faster. Say a couple refinanced a 30-year mortgage that has a balance of $192,500 and 27 years left on the loan. By swapping their 6.25 percent loan for one at 5.75 percent, the borrowers will see their payments drop from $1,231 a month to $1,123. But check out what happens if the couple keep mailing in checks for $1,231: Their mortgage ends 34 months early and they save a total of $42,817 over the life of the loan.

  • Make an extra payment. Depending on the rate and the remaining term, you can shave several years off your mortgage simply by writing just one extra check a year. (Lenders might urge you to sign up for a formal biweekly-payment plan that typically costs a few hundred dollars, which accomplishes about the same thing. But such programs hold you to the extra payments so you lose the flexibility of paying more only if you wish.) If you can't afford one extra payment a year, then try rounding up when writing mortgage checks. If you owe $1,351 a month, write a monthly check for $1,400. Every extra amount you pay goes directly to reducing principal.

  • Take out a shorter-term loan. When refinancing, it's easy to focus on your new low monthly payment instead of looking at the big picture: the total payment over the life of the loan. Grabbing a lower rate can actually turn out to be a costly mistake if it requires you to make many more years of mortgage payments.

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